J. Palmer

My Virtual Dream

A collective dream generated from brain data.

MVD is an art installation which projects the dreams of 4 - 20 people connected via brainwave reading headsets (EEG). The brain data is interpreted as states of relaxation or focus, and the synchronization of those states between people, to generate nightmare or dreams.

It was made in TouchDesigner, and uses either the Muse brain sensing headband or the Emotiv Epoc headset. MVD has been exhibited in many formats, including museums, theaters, 360 festival domes, and lecture halls - with and without live music. MVD is a research project with neuroscience labs from Baycrest & Charité, in collaboration with other artists such as Adria McCulloch, Kyle Johnson, and myself. I was responsible for the visual art, software and collaborating on the concept as it changed over the years.





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