J. Palmer

BrainModes Projects

Real time brain simulation and visualization.

BrainModes is an ongoing research project to visualize and simulate the human brain, in real time. This project includes interactive brain atlases, and brain simulations that work with EEG. This is a research project with Charité University of Medicine, and in collaboration with the Human Brain Project, EBRAINS and others.

To learn more, visit the lab website of Dr. Petra Ritter. https://www.brainsimulation.org/bsw/

To see a list of my co-workers on this project, see the staff page: https://www.brainsimulation.org/bsw/zwei/team-staff

Current main contributors, other than myself, are:

Previous main contributors, other than myself, are:

Check out some of the projects here, in your browser:


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Atlas Spanish

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Firing Rates English

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